The Nature of Leadership

A walk to explore new perspectives and possibilities on the leadership journey.

If you stepped off your path how would you know?

 A journey from resistance to resilience, from rigidity to agility.

Leadership Coaching Walk and Talks:

  • Are you walking someone else's path?

  • Are you struggling to find a greater purpose?

  • Are you searching for meaning in what you do?

  • Are you feeling you are not aligned with your values?

  • Are you ready for a breakthrough with lasting meaningful results?

  • Are you feeling lost or burned-out and ready to walk a path of resilience?

  • Are you feeling what has worked to get you here is no longer effective to get you there?



 Are you ready to actualize your leadership potential?

Look beyond the traditional path for opportunity to lead the change.

"Conversations with you are always stimulating and mind opening." - Mike


Leadership Outcomes:

  • Improve professional agility.

  • Build new capacity for listening.

  • Reduce attention fatigue and increase creativity.

  • Evolve a deeper self-awareness into self-realization.

  • A renewed sense of reverence, wonder, and curiosity.

  • Experience techniques immediately applicable to your leadership role.

  • Discover shifts in perspectives to leverage new solutions and achieve results not previously attainable.

 What story do you most want to bring to life?

We walk.jpg

“Nature does not hurry,

yet everything is accomplished.”

~ Lao Tzu

The Nature of Leadership merges Traditional Leadership Coaching, Ecopsychology, Art Therapy, Serious Play, and Nature-based Coaching into a customizable program. Coach and client co-create the Nature of Leadership experience. Leadership Coaching Walk and Talks combine light to moderate hiking with professional one-on-one individual, team, or group coaching with a focus on listening. We use a framework of divergent and convergent activities including metaphors, storytelling, journaling, sharing, and connection as we explore leadership challenges and skill building. 

Do you need to take a walk in the woods?

The modular approach of The Nature of Leadership affords you the opportunity to build a program customized to your individual needs and leadership challenges. You may chose a one-and-done day-long session, or build a program to include multiple hikes supplemented with traditional virtual coaching. You may desire a customized group program specifically for your leadership team.

"Our walk together was like acupuncture for my soul.



The Nature of Leadership Walk

Walks involve light to moderate hiking. A day long journey may cover 2 - 6 miles of mixed terrain. Trails are chosen to generate meaningful conversation and contemplation over physical effort. The destination is the journey within - Mindfulness-in-Motion. The pace is leisurely with frequent pauses to allow the conversation to be informed by the surrounding environment. The topic of the coaching conversation is driven by the client’s agenda. The coach acts as a guide, holding space, listening radically, and inviting powerful questions to deepen and forward the conversation.

When the nature of the conversation requires new perspective, we may sit in the dirt to create three-dimensional models with twigs, pinecones, pebbles, etc. The models become metaphors allowing alternative views and meaning making.

We may be called to wander along, or wade in, a stream retelling our stories to include voices discovered on our quest. We may listen to the wisdom of the wind in silence as we journal - capturing our new awareness-in-action.

We travel from the known into the possible. We seek and explore, experiment and practice. We nurture new skills from our experience enabling sustainable growth.

We exit the wilderness back into a world that too has changed while we traveled within.

The Nature of Leadership is an invitation to change your relationship with yourself and your world.

“It is only ideas gained from walking that have any worth.” ~ Nietzsche


Cultural Walk 'n Talk:

I also offer an urban alternative leveraging cultural settings, such as museums, where the environment enables the cathartic experience.

 Do you want to create the organization of tomorrow today?

Whispers Within the Wind is a day-long Walk and Talk workshop for leadership teams focusing on rediscovering listening and team communication skills.


Your safety and wellbeing are always a priority.

Lennie is a NOLS Certified Wilderness First Responder.