Changing the world by helping people grow.

I am passionate about helping organizations, teams, and individuals seek, find, and realize their potential.

I provide leadership coaching and development designed to expand the limits of the possible.

the world is changing.

you are looking beyond the traditional path.

you are ready to forge a new trail and lead the change.

you want to make an impact on the world.

How can I help you move forward?




Lennie is one of those people that if you are fortunate to meet in life, he will change you for the better. He is authentic and always curious, inspiring the people and organizations he coaches to seek a new mindset. There is no doubt in my mind Lennie can transform any organization and I have consistently found him at the forefront of thought leadership in systems and organizational coaching. No matter the circumstances, Lennie will find ways to bring about lasting and meaningful change.
- Dan Fritzler



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