Leadership Coaching

Personal Fulfillment - Professional Agility - Business Development


The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as:

"partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process

that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential"

Agility is the power to move or think quickly, easily and nimbly.

Professional agility is the ability to quickly and gracefully adapt to changing conditions to create the best possible outcome.


Leadership is a contact sport requiring commitment and intention.

You want to find the fire in your belly, igniting the passion to change the world.

You want to move boldly into the future and to let go of the limitations of the past.

You want personal development across all areas of life promoting balance and fulfillment.

You want to maximize your potential and achieve extraordinary results not previously attainable.


"Lennie surprises me over and over again with insights. Just when I thought I knew where the conversation was going... Lennie gives yet another radically new angle that opens up my perspective on the issue at hand."  ~ Daniel


Leadership Coaching is for:

  • Leaders who want to motivate others.
  • Leaders who want to inspire their teams.
  • Leaders who want to create a better world.
  • Leaders who want to improve their results.
  • Leaders who want to excel in a VUCA world.
  • Leaders who want to build a thriving culture.
  • Leaders who want to become thought leaders.
  • Leaders who want to improve their leadership skills.
  • Leaders who want to improve their professional agility.
  • Leaders who want to develop capacity for strategic leadership.

Leadership Coaching is partnering to create a values aligned vision. Coaching guides leaders in creating a strategic plan and actionable goals. Leadership Coaching helps leaders develop a growth mindset, skills to excel, energy to succeed wildly, and create the life they really want. 

I work with organizations, leaders, and individuals to maximize potential, improve performance, and increase motivation. I work with exceptional individuals who are committed to transformation and self-improvement. Together we will co-create change than enables the capacity to thrive.

How can I help you move forward?

"I feel like a weight has been lifted and you heard those things that I couldn't hear myself."  - Cris
"I was looking for help to improve in my leadership and I feel I was awakened." - Mark

Leadership and Individual Coaching & Development

The world is changing and rapid change has become the norm.

To be effective in the world we too must change.


Do you desire a path to transition from a traditional leadership model to a contemporary leadership culture? Are you seeking new leadership skills and a sustainable shift in behavior and mindset? Coaching supports leaders through change when change is hard.

Leaders are those individuals willing to take charge of their destiny. A leader has a vision and leads the way. Everyone is potentially a leader. I work only with leaders who are committed to doing the hard work required to transform themselves and their organizations.

Leadership Coaching is partnering with leaders to:

  • clarify values and define what is important
  • discover a powerful personal and professional vision
  • create a strategic plan with specific actionable goals
  • develop the skills and motivation required to succeed
  • master the needed mindset (addressing limiting beliefs) to forge lasting results

Leadership Coaching combines a mix of coaching methods and development tools tailored to the unique needs of each individual. Coaching is focused on forward movement through adaption (doing) to drive transformation (being) with intent. 

To schedule an impact/breakthrough session Contact me to see if leadership coaching is right for you.

 All growth comes from change

"It's Lennie who makes me realize there are vast areas of thought leadership that I didn't even know existed."  - Bill
"I couldn’t have done this without your help - you gave me techniques that gave me clarity on what was important in my life" - Sheryl

Team Coaching

Leadership Team Coaching is partnering with leaders to move from a group of individuals to a High Performing Leadership Team. Team coaching focuses on improving the processes and performance of teams who are responsible for leading others. Team coaching brings attention to communication and relationships both within the team and with external stakeholders. When a team has clarity and alignment with their mission, the team becomes "other" than the sum of its parts.

"It is impossible to put into words how much you have meant to me and the team. You have taught us, encouraged us, pushed us to the limit, and made us better! Thank you for being the perfect coach for our team."  - Natalie

Group Coaching

Go wide and experience the wisdom of the group

Professional Group Coaching is a facilitated coaching conversation, in a small group setting, leveraging the wisdom of the group in order to achieve individual objectives and goals. Group coaching is individual coaching in a group setting. Working in a group setting individuals are able to leverage the wisdom of others in a safe environment. Individuals come together around a common catalyst to work on individual issues and challenges.