Coaching and Supervision for Agile Coaches

a place for the Agile Coach to make difference for clients and teams

because we all deserve someone who will listen

Coaching and Supervision for Agile Coaches is for Agile Coaches who want to work on personal and professional development, to develop new awareness, to build self-confidence in a safe environment, and to make a difference with their teams and in the world.

Are you an Agile coach? Do you have a coach?

Do you have a personal coaching philosophy?

Coaching and Supervision for Agile Coaches incorporates a blend of professional coaching with coaching supervision. Coaching to develop individual potential, accountability, and motivation. And coaching supervision to reflect on the work of the Agile Coach.

Are you an agile coach who desires:

  • Continual professional development of coaching capability

  • Ethical guidance

  • Deeper insight

  • Improved coaching presence

  • Clarity on specific coaching challenges

  • Get ‘unstuck’ when engaged in difficult coaching assignments 

  • Professional support

  • Improved effectiveness

  • Understanding the dynamics between coach and client interaction

  • Objective feedback and practice giving feedback

  • A safe place for coaches to explore their practice

Are you ready to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be?

“Your approach is different from other coaches. I got so much out of our sessions.

I now understand the value of coaching.” ~ Tim

Why does an Agile Coach need a coach? To become a better coach in service of the client!

and to get better faster!

Coaching is a creative process that inspires personal and professional potential. Coaching works with the Agile Coach as a whole person.

Agile coaches want coaching

  • Commitment to the profession

  • Accountability

  • Motivation

  • Growth as a person

  • Growth as a leader

  • Growth as a coach

Supervision creates awareness in the coach through a journey of reflective exploration. Supervision works with the Agile Coach’s relationship with clients and teams.

Agile coaches want supervision

  • Improvement through Reflection

  • Self Awareness

  • Relationship Building

  • Self Management

  • Contracting

  • Intervention Review

    (The Association of Coaches recommends 1 hour of supervision for every 8 - 15 hours of practice)

Coaching and Supervision for Agile Coaches is professional coaching for Agilist - not Agile coaching.

Supervision is a place for the coach to develop capacity to respond more deeply and effectively, as well as increase the difference they can make for their clients and teams. Supervision creates awareness in the coach through reflective exploration. It is a collaborative experience in service of a wide group of stakeholders. The Agile Coach brings the work experience of coaching to engage in reflective dialogue for the benefit of the coach relationship.

The Association for Coaching defines Coaching Supervision as

a formal and protected time for facilitating a coach’s in-depth reflection on their practice with a Coaching Supervisor. Supervision offers a confidential framework within a collaborative working relationship in which the practice, tasks, process and challenges of the coaching work can be explored.

Practice new skills and work through real-life challenges in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Skill Building

  • Coaching Presence

  • Systemic Awareness

  • Practice Self-Reflection

  • Experience “third-person” perspective

  • Overcome Self-doubt and Overconfidence

“Thank you for listening to me open-heartedly, holding space, and having me think through new possibilities.

It was fantastic. Greatly appreciated your help.”  ~ Turan

Because great Agile coaches are spread across the world, I provide coaching and supervision virtually.
Coaching and Supervision for Agile Coaches is ideal for Agile coaches seeking one-on-one coaching supervision and for organizations wanting group or team coaching and supervision for a team of Agile coaches.

I also offer Coaching and Supervision for Agile Coaches in a group setting for individuals who want to benefit from the wisdom of a group coaching environment.

CONTACT me for additional information or if you are looking for group coaching and supervision.

If you are a leader wanting to increase your professional agility I offer:

The Nature of Leadership - A journey from resistance to resilience, from rigidity to professional agility.

As well as traditional Leadership Coaching for individuals and leadership teams.

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Overcome Self-doubt and Overconfidence





Actionable Goals and Accountability

Develop New Skills and Mindset

Practice Authentic Curiosity

Gain Self-Awareness & Self-Management

May you have grace. May you have courage.


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