Refrain then Reframe

When meeting someone new we often ask, or are asked, what do you do? Usually implying or interpreted as, what do you do for work (to make a living)? And often answered affirming, “I am a (_title_).” A more accurate answer might define the activities that fill our day. Of course if we want better answers we need to ask better questions. 

Try reframing the context. How often do you ask yourself, “what do you do?” I’m guessing not often. Try it. Do you self-affirm your title or role?

Now try reframing the question, “how do you spend your time / energy?” Does this question take you by surprise? Sit with the question for a bit; really examine your activities. Does your answer for how you spend your energy deplete or revitalize your energy? How might you reframe your answer?

When we reframe we shift our perspective and allow for greater possibilities.

Reframe the question

Reframe problems as opportunity

Reframing allows us to renegotiate our mental models

- why I coach